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Logistics automation for the ceramic industry

Logistics solutions for the ceramic industry

The need to quickly ensure the availability of a product in large quantities and at any desired location has made logistics a crucial hub of the grocery industry.

Efficient handling

The automated warehouse allows the handling of slabs and ceramic materials in large formats more quickly, avoiding breakage or damage to the material in the warehouses of ceramic companies.

Safety of operators

Automation helps minimize the risk of accidents caused by the handling of large slabs and heavy materials, ensuring greater safety for operators.


The software that supports the correct functioning of the automatic warehouse in the ceramic sector allows accurate traceability of orders throughout the logistics process.

Space optimization

Logistics solutions with high storage intensity allow to exploit the spaces in height.

Errevi Ceramics offers advanced systems to improve production efficiency and quality control within the production chain applied to the ceramic sector. We support you in all phases of project development, starting from the study to the start-up of complete lines and integrated machinery. For over 30 years ERREVI has been designing and creating innovative industrial automation solutions that amplify the potential of its customers.  ERREVI CERAMICS transforms its mechatronic skills into high performance, process quality and operational efficiency. Since 2023 ERREVI CERAMICS has been part of the BlackBear TechHive group alongside Errevi Automation

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