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About us

We innovate warehouse logistics

For over 30 years we have been designing & deploying innovative automation solutions transforming the potential of our partners into high performance.

Our strong values set in the past drive our innovation for the future.

Our customers are long term satisfied partners and our business is robust and sustainable.


Low Risk Automation: cosa significa per noi? Un metodo di lavoro applicato in tutte le fasi progettuali:

  • Analisi Business Case
  • Progettazione e Sviluppo
  • Project Management
  • Installazione
  • Avviamento
  • Training
  • Servizi Completi Post-vendita


Errevi Automation ensures that every plant of the customer has applications well designed, well-trained employees and a dedicated team who assists you all the way together. The result? A series of high performance solutions that work safely, predictably and efficiently, reaching your goals and minimizing the risks.


Behind the scenes of our achievements

Administrative office

The heart of our company. Relates to customers, manages personnel and accounts.

Electrical technical office

Design electrical systems, draws up technical reports and checks the regulations in force.

PLC software office

Develops, installs and maintains softwares presents in our plants.

PC software office

Develops applications on a Windows, Web and Mobile basis for logistics control and automation.

Mechanical technical office

Specialized in the design of customized systems and machines for our customers.

Purchasing office

Charged with the functions of procuring supplies or services.

Support office

It offers remote assistance to our customers in Italy and abroad.

Spare parts warehouse

It manages and stores the spare parts for the systems we offer.

Electrical workshop

It creates panels for the control of the machines and the management of the plants for our customers

Mechanical workshop

It builds and assembles the machines and systems for our customers

Sales office

Maintains relationships with our customers

Preliminary project office

Aimed at the conceptual representation of the preliminary project.

External mounting

Installs and assembles our industrial plants


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