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Logistics automation for Food and Beverage industry

Logistic solutions for food and beverage warehouses

Automation makes food logistics processes more efficient in a sector deeply transformed by the recent pandemics, highlighting the importance of fast delivery times.

Goods traceability in real time

The Warehouse Control Software that coordinates the automation enables you to collect and analyze data in real time, allowing for goods traceability at any time, stock management optimization and a drastic reduction of waste.

Automated warehouses: a solution for labor shortage

In a sector strongly characterized by a shortage of manpower, process automation represents a solution to meet this challenge. This way, the operators present in the warehouse can focus on operations with higher added value.

Management of multi-channel flows

When looking for solutions for food logistics it is necessary to take into consideration the management of perishable or fragile products anddifferent flows, such as B2B, B2C, e-commerce. Automation needs to handle pallets, packages or loose pieces, which may require temperature-controlled storage within the warehouse.

Cost reduction and greater efficiency

The presence of automation within warehouses allows to increase productivity and accuracy of operations, reducing costs deriving from picking errors or inefficiencies in the order consolidation process.

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