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Logistics Automation for grocery

Logistic solutions for grocery retail

Logistics automation designed for large-scale retail trade allows you to guarantee rapid preparation and delivery of orders intended for both B2B and B2C channels. The automated warehouses used for large-scale retail trade logistics, in fact, allow us to manage typical peaks and quantities of orders coming from e-commerce, reducing delivery times to the end customer .

The use of automatic warehouses in large-scale distribution offers numerous advantages, including greater efficiency, a reduction in operating costs and the possibility of maximizing profits. 

Factors to consider for logistic automation in the grocery sector

When looking for logistic solutions for grocery warehouses, it is necessary to take into account some aspects such as the management of perishable products, multi-channel flows and the handling of pallets, packages or loose pieces.

Temperature-controlled warehouses

The different nature of the products managed in the grocery industry requires various areas within the warehouse for storage at room temperature, or in a refrigerated and frozen environment.

What are the benefits?

Errevi logistics automation solutions designed for large-scale distribution, improve the accuracy and time in the picking phase compared to manual operations to meet the individual needs of our customers. Through automation we manage and monitor the preparation and sequencing of orders reducing human error, optimizing order fulfillment times and the use of available space.

Adaptability and efficiency

Errevi offers solutions designed on individual customer needs to adapt in a scalable and flexible way, responding to future growth needs or changes in business scenarios.

Automate your warehouse and discover our solutions for the grocery industry