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Logistics automation for the Home & Personal Care sector

Logistics solutions for cosmetics and home care industry

Consumer habits in the home & personal care sector are constantly evolving, so it is very important to integrate the warehouse with automated logistics solutions flexible and adaptable to the trends of the cosmetic market.

Management of multi-channel flows

Automated warehouses need to be flexible and scalable to cope with different channels such as B2B, B2C and e-commerce. Our automated solutions allow you to align with any changes in business models that characterize the home and personal care industry.

Management of propellant products

Automated warehouses have specific feature that allow to manage propellant products in total safety.

Goods traceability in real time

The software that coordinates the automation allows to collect and analyze data that provides good traceability in real time and allows the optimization of stock management

Adaptability and efficiency

Warehouse automation allows you to manage different types and formats of products ensuring traceability and process efficiency during all the logistical phases.

Automate your warehouse and discover our solutions for the home & personal care industry