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Logistics automation for the manufacturing industry

Logistics solutions for the manufacturing sector

Automation needs to meet the need for flexibility required by the manufacturing sector, characterized by a wide range of products with different characteristics, frequent and small-sized orders with logistic flows that often involve different production sites.

Product handling

The management of production requires immediate accessibility and availability of all the components required by the assembly processes. The automation of warehouses in the manufacturing industry contributes to the optimization of picking and handling activities, guaranteeing accuracy and traceability of operations.

High performance

The manufacturing sector is often characterized by the continuity of processes that allow continuous flows by minimizing the interruptions of the assembly or goods handling operations, while reducing inefficiencies due to manual activities.

Adaptability and efficiency

Production lots with high variability and high density storage influence logistic flows within the warehouse of manufacturing industries. Errevi solutions are modular and flexible to allow you to cope with possible changes in business scenarios.

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