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Automation for pharmaceutical logistics

Safe, accurate and flexible storage solutions

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industriy require automation solutions that aim at reducing costs and operational times throughout the supply chain.

Management of the temperature-controlled pharmaceutical warehouse

The pharmaceutical and biomedical sector requires warehouses equipped with temperature-controlled systems for proper storage of drugs. Our automated warehouse solutions for the pharmaceutical industry can operate both at room temperature and in a cool or chilled environment.

Speed ​​and accuracy

Our automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry improve accuracy and picking time compared to manual operations to meet individual customer needs. It’s possible to optimize the entire production process through customized solutions that involve different steps from quality control to packaging to labeling.

Product traceability

The WCS that manages the warehouse allows accurate traceability of both orders and individual references.

Why choose an automatic warehouse in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector?

  • Accurate product traceability
  • Minimized possibility of errors
  • Inventory management and order monitoring
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Management of multi-channel flows
  • KPI reporting and monitoring

Automate your warehouse and discover our solutions for the pharma industry