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Our expertise in the stationery industry


Errevi for stationery industry

Articles for the workplace, creativity, education. With our fully automated warehouses we manage the seasonal peaks of the stationery industry with logistics efficiency. 

We are specialists for the storage and order picking of small items of different sizes and weights.

Know how

This industry often provides for the handling of a large number of items, resulting in difficulties to risk high error rates. To avoid mistakes, it is important to implement a warehouse management solution in step with the times. 

Maggior numero di ordini preparati

Greater agility in warehouse flows.

Logistica incentrata sull'e-commerce.

Errevi for stationery industry

  • Support for omnichannel orders in the same logistics center
  • Synchronization with existing WMS
  • Constant optimization of the warehouse
  • Fast and accurate picking process
  • Support in expanding the number of robots during peak times

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