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Take your business to the next level with our integrated automation solutions.


Industrial Automation

We are a company specializing in complete automation solutions for the industry.

We provide solutions that automate industrial processes, from evaluation and planning, to the supply, assembly and start-up of new processes.

Why to choose us

In many cases, automation necessarily goes through a specialized digital transformation.

In Errevi Automation siamo esperti nello sviluppo e nell’implementazione di software per il monitoraggio e la supervisione di sistemi fisici, che ti permetteranno di avere una potente interfaccia grafica per controllare l’integrazione tra le nostre macchine e i tuoi processi.

We are a company specializing in complete automation solutions for the industry.

The analysis of the information obtained from your automated systems will allow you to improve your production process.

Our approach is characterized by concreteness and pragmatism in the management of all phases of the project.

We are a company specializing in complete automation solutions for the industry.

Our activities



We analyze all material flows with the customer to understand the different priorities and ways of managing the activities.



Using simulation software, our experts identify the criticalities that may occur during the operational flows within the warehouse.



A project manager coordinates the various operational phases with an overall view of the missions that take place in the warehouse.



We check the correct functioning of the system to deliver a complete and efficient system to the customer.

industrial automation

Automation solutions

In the midst of the 4.0 industry revolution, we offer to companies solutions that allow the optimization of resources, processes and equipment to achieve maximum performance, improving their industrial competitiveness.

Our challenge is to understand the particular circumstances of each project to offer the best solution adapted to the specific needs of each company, projecting them into the future with more opportunities for success.

Our industrial automation upgrades the human component by facilitating the use of the machines, with an eye to the health of the operators.

Our experience in automation across a wide variety of industries has led us to focus on your specific need. sectors will allow us to focus on your specific need.


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