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Mechanical technical office

Mechanical design


Mechanical technical office

The mechanical technical office is the most recent reality of Errevi Automation, dynamic and versatile, in a few years it has managed to develop important projects in the world of automation, from small transport systems to large and complex automated systems.

The mechanical engineering office is made up of a close-knit team of technicians from various sectors that allow a 360 ° approach to project development and a strong focus on problem solving.


Mechanical technical office

Thanks to CAD programs in a three-dimensional environment (Suite Autodesk) always updated and integrated with the management systems present in the company, the development times of individual orders are extremely short and very efficient.

The possibility of rapid prototyping through the use of a modern 3D printer allows you to test the quality of the project being developed.

Having the opportunity to work in synergy with Electrical technical office, PLC office and IT office it allows to obtain a precise and detailed focus on the study of tailor-made solutions on the specific needs of each individual customer.

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