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Errevi for Grocery industry

The need to quickly ensure the availability of a product in large quantities and at any desired location has made automation a crucial hub of the grocery industry.

Despite the considerable amount of goods to be handled and the many players in the supply chain involved, we face any challenge in close partnership with the customer and with the staff of our specialists.

Know how

In this context, Errevi offers up-to-date industrial innovation services to protect all companies involved in the distribution chain. It will insure the goods throughout their journey, from the storage warehouse at the warehouses of the logistics operators to final delivery.

Optimization of the storage area

Greater agility in warehouse flows.

Greater inventory control.

Why to choose us

We develop solutions for small, medium and large companies based on particular needs: warehouse management, restocking, arrangement of products on the shelves, control and management of deadlines, goods refills, cardboard packaging, application of electronic labels, remodeling and loading and unloading goods.

Gli specialisti di Errevi possono inoltre supportare i punti vendita nell’analisi dei fabbisogni legati alla stagionalit√† delle vendite e alle campagne promozionali e possono impostare e mantenere inventari.

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