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Our expertise in the robotics sector

Robotics sector

Logistics companies have become aware that choosing robotic and automation solutions can add tangible value to their businesses, enabling them to meet the fickle demands of consumers and the market.

In addition, robotics simultaneously plays a role in employee safety, in terms of protecting the workforce and automating the riskiest jobs.

Know how

Errevi Elettric solutions are ready to go in record time. Our autonomous mobile robots are easily installed, keeping your space as it is. This is possible thanks to our advanced autonomous navigation: our robots find a way to diligently manage your deliveries, ensuring the safety of the people, equipment and forklifts around them.

Whether it's the use of collaborative robots, goods-to-person systems or robotic arms, we apply robotics to logistics to offer added value to our customers.

Automation of intralogistics.

Increased production.

Flexible robotic solution.

Robotics sector

Our robotic solutions improve your company's productivity, automate low-value logistics tasks, and increase the time workers can spend on more important tasks.

Errevi Elettric offers you a wide range of autonomous mobile robots, services and software solutions so that the automation of your intralogistics is fully customized and adapted to your needs.


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