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AGV - Automated guided vehicles

We offer automation services through planning, installation and maintenance activities, with historical expertise in industrial innovation.


AGV - Automated guided vehicles

Our AGVs are entirely designed and manufactured in-house and tailor-made for customers. With an inductive power system, continuous operations are guaranteed without any battery usage. This translates into no battery charging, disposal , or maintenance in a safe area, nor any drop in performance due to battery deterioration. Thanks to their safe lateral loading, our AGV’s provide attractive cycle times even at lower speeds.



Top module

The top module of Navilog AGVs can be designed for all material handling needs, from lifting pallets to transferring loads of 2000 KG with roller conveyors and catenaries. Errevi Automation works with you to determine the exact type of vehicle and design a customized solution using our standard controls and components..

Lower module

The lower module is a standard component. It is easily removable for maintenance.


Agv fleet management

The management and optimization of all transport orders take place through a fleet control unit, which can be connected to any warehouse management system. Perfect control of logistics is possible thanks to Errevi Automation's software solutions.

Scalable WMS

Errevi Automation completes its offer by proposing a tailor-made WMS, which draws on the experience gained over years of activity. Agilog is a software that stands out for its flexibility, security and scalability. It is designed to handle all internal logistics issues.


Induction charging

Batteries are not needed

The AGVs work thanks to an automatic handling system equipped with inductive power supply that allows 24/7 use, maximizes the internal flow of materials and optimizes the weak points of logistics. A real technology of the future with which you can improve your logistic activity by reducing costs.

Clean energy

Thanks to induction recharging, no charge cycles are required, so the shuttles are always operational at your service.

Standard performance

2.000 Kg

1,5 m/s

360 ° laser scanner allows working with moving personnel

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