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Automation for E-commerce

automazioni per magazzino e-commerce

Warehouse for

Solutions specifically developed to speed up order fulfillment and shipping times, thanks to robotics for the e-commerce warehouse.

  • Increase the speed of order fulfillment
  • Riduzione dei tempi di spedizione al cliente finale
  • Gestione efficace dei picchi e di un elevato numero di referenze

Know how

Our flexible and modular technologies and software are specifically designed to meet the needs of retail, e-commerce and multi-channel logistics.

Increase the speed of order fulfillment

Shipping time savings for delivery

Effective management of an increasing number of references

Warehouse solutions for e-commerce

Why Choose Us? At Errevi Automation, listening to and understanding the unique needs of each customer is fundamental. Our services are tailored to provide highly flexible, modular and scalable e-commerce warehouse automation solutions to address the key requirements of either e-commerce, retail, B2B or omni-channel platforms. The e-commerce industry in particular requires responding effectively to the challenges of the sector, including managing seasonal peaks, a high number of SKUs, managing returns and optimizing delivery times. Therefore, in e-commerce warehouses, artificial intelligence systems are essential for coordinating all the operations that take place within the supply chain. Not just automation for e-commerce warehouses: WCS Agilog by Errevi Automation incorporates flexible and specific modular solutions to address the complexity of online sales.

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