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AMR Robots

Maximum efficiency and flexibility

Our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are the answer to today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.
The AMR robots are designed to ensure an efficient workflow and maximum flexibility.

The integration for your warehouse

Autonomous mobile robots or AMRs collaborate with warehouse operators in the movement of goods for picking, replenishment or transfer activities more generally.

Operations that can perform AMR robots are varied, for example, handling of cassettes or packages, pallets, racks and racks between the various areas of moving activity that take place within a warehouse.

Operating autonomously, mobile robots , do not require dedicated infrastructure, but integrate seamlessly into the existing warehouse layout, adapting dynamically to changes in the environment in which they operate, even in the presence of operators.

Errevi Automation offers and integrates a wide range of AMR depending on the characteristics of the product to be handled, such as type of load unit, weight and dimensions.

which are the advantages of AMR

Mobile robots made to measure

Our range of AMR is highly customizable to meet your specific needs. Whether you are in production or distribution, Errevi Automation’s AMR robots are designed to integrate seamlessly with your operating environment.

efficiency increased

AMRs reduce handling time, allowing you to optimize your logistics operations. Their autonomous navigation capability ensures less waste of time and resources.

safety and precision

AMR robots are equipped with advanced safety and obstacle detection technologies, ensuring safe operations in any environment. The automation of repetitive tasks ensures fast and accurate transfer of your goods.

scalability without limits

Increasing your business is no longer a problem: our AMR robots are highly scalable to adapt to the evolving needs of your warehouse.

Why choose Errevi Automation?

Errevi Automation is synonymous with innovation and quality in the warehouse logistics automation sector.
We offer tailor-made solutions to achieve your business goals