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Skypod system
by Exotec

We are System Integrator Official Partner of Exotec,
Specialist in robotics and warehouse automation

Skypod ³ is a high density automatic storage handling system (AS/RS) that uses robotics to deliver the best performance on the market while remaining highly flexible, modular and scalable.


Skypods are autonomous mobile robots that transport goods in storage containers or trays between racks and stations.

• Skypods can pick up any container or tray in less than 2 minutes.

• Skypods climb up to 12 m making the most of the available space.

•Il sistema Skypod può prevedere future espansioni con la semplice aggiunta di robot senza l’interruzione delle operazioniy


Pick-up stations allow warehouse operators to interact safely with Skypod robots.

• Ergonomic workstations allow you to easily pick up up to 400 order lines/hour.

• The order mover module can be added to prepare up to 4 orders at once.

•The bin interface allows a productivity of 320 bins/hour

Sky Picker

The Skypicker is a robotic pick-up arm that takes individual parts inside the containers transported by Skypods for the preparation of orders and places them in the bins of order preparation.

• Skypicker can reliably pick up to 600 items /hour

• Items can weigh up to 2 kg with a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm

• Machine Learning algorithms allow Skypicker to automatically detect item sizes to intelligently pick and place items to optimize available space.


Exotec shelving, containers, and trays are designed to maximize the storage space available within the warehouse. • With a maximum height of 12 m, racks offer up to 5 times more storage capacity than traditional solutions. • The containers are available in 3 heights: 220 mm , 320 mm , 420 mm • The trays eliminate the need to transfer the goods into the crates and can hold cartons up to 600 x 400 x 400 mm.

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