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Multilevel shuttle

Titan is a Multilevel Shuttle designed to increase efficiency in the storage and picking of products in warehouses.


TITAN - Multilevel Shuttle

Titan is designed to increase the efficiency of storage and picking activities, by means of a goods-to-person (GTP) process, where goods arrive to operators at the picking and shipping stations. Multi-level shuttles are suitable for narrow spaces both in width and height, and do not have any specific flooring requirement.




Recovery speed

Titan Multilevel shuttle is based on rail, a shelving system with elevators, sliding rails and controls. The shuttle system offers faster storage and retrieval speeds than traditional ASRS solutions. The modular construction of the individual aisles provides for a flexible expansion of the storage system as needed.


Opportunity of customization

The storage system can be a multi-aisle warehouse in which each aisle can be separated into several modules, depending on the height of the warehouse. Depending on the needs, each shuttle can access multiple warehouse levels. Titan is suitable for convenient storage of many different types of products. Efficient delivery is supported by the automatic supply of containers, trays or boxes for processing according to the required sequence.

Complete warehouse

Complete solution

The complete warehouse system consists of the rail-mounted Titan, the aisle shelving system with vertical conveyors and running rails and its controls. The shuttle system offers significantly greater inlet and outlet capacity than conventional solutions.

Standard performance

1 x120 / 2 x 60 / 3 x 35 /4 x 25 Kg

3 m/s

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