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Pallet Shuttle

The system can reduce costs, while increasing supply chain performance. Forklifts are replaced by a mother shuttle and a satellite shuttle. Our pallet shuttles are extremely versatile and can be used at temperatures up to -30°C.

NAVISTAR - Pallet Shuttle

Il sistema può ridurre i costi, aumentando le prestazioni della supply chain. I carrelli elevatori sono sostituiti da una navetta madre e da una navetta satellite. Le nostre navette per pallet sono estremamente versatili e possono essere utilizzate a temperature fino a -30 ºC.


Multi-depth storage

Beyond tradition

In addition to the traditional stacker cranes for the storage of products on single or double depth static shelving, Errevi Automation also manufactures multi-depth automatic storage systems supported by shuttles, which facilitate optimal use of space and very high storage densities.


A flexible solution

Navistar is the shuttle for pallets that Errevi Automation makes available to companies in the most diverse sectors. It has been designed to guarantee greater traction and a better distribution of the load on the guides. These features help to optimize the warehouse, increasing efficiency, increasing performance and ensuring maximum safety of materials and operators.


A versatile shuttle

Thanks to its versatility, Navistar can be used even in cold rooms, with temperatures down to -30° C.

Prestazioni standard​

1.500 kg

3 seconds

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