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Our expertise in the palletization sector


Palletization sector

Palletization is the logistical process of grouping goods on a pallet in order to unify a load and facilitate its transport through the various handling equipment.

The fact that more and more companies are betting on automatic solutions in logistics gives greater importance to the correct process of this asset. Any automated or semi-automated installation requires that the conditions of the pallet and strapping are adequate so that the goods do not hinder the normal course of operations.

Although with the boom of e-commerce, the number of warehouses that have replaced traditional pallets with containers has increased Especially in the fashion and retail sector, pallets still predominate in many plants.

Know how

In all automatic (or semi-automatic) systems, the pallets and strapping must be such as to prevent the goods from overturning or hindering the normal course of operating cycles.

At Errevi Elettric we have extensive experience in the construction of logistics centers adapted to the needs of our customers. In fact, we have a wide range of pallet storage systems, both conventional and automatic.

Optimization of the storage area

Greater agility in warehouse flows

Greater inventory control

Why to choose us

We develop complete palletizing solutions that include traditional or single-column models, fully automated, equipped with in-line or 90 ° forming systems, assisted by layer or row forming systems, which combined with our line of accessory devices can meet the needs of the different solutions proposals.

We design solutions for each product class and to meet the needs of our customers, supporting them in business development with lean and fast production plants

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