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Skypod system by Exotec

We are System Integrator Official Partner of Exotec, leading company specialized in automation and robotics in warehouses.

The Skypod system is a retail order picking solution. It offers the best performance on the market while remaining flexible and adaptable to customer needs.

What makes it special? The size control system takes into account storage requirements and flows independently. This allows extreme adaptability to your specifications and allows for the subsequent gradual evolution of needs.

Skypod System components



Maxed out storage space

Our racks adapt to the architecture of your warehouse to allow optimization of the full volume available. The sizing is based on both floor space and ceiling height, with robots designed to climb on the racks, storage space can be maximized and rise up to 12 meters high. Density is thus increased fivefold compared to traditional shelf picking.

Scalable Storage System

Our storage system is designed to adapt quickly and easily to your needs and business growth. If in a few months’ time you need to increase your storage capacity, this can be done promptly without interrupting your operations.


Various storage options

All items are stored in standardized bins especially designed to be handled by our robots. Each bin is identified and registered in the ASTAR controller database.

The bins are available in two heights, 220 and 320 mm, and can be partitioned in 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8.

For automated goods receiving we have developed a tray that can be adapted to our robots and is suitable for cartons up to 600 x 400 x 400 mm.



A fleet of robots for your warehouse

Skypods function as a fleet supporting the operators to prepare your orders faster. The robots are constantly assigned tasks and are programmed to prioritize the most urgent task.

Technical specifications


Runs at 4 m/s


Carries up to 30kg


Moves in 3 dimensions


Operates in temperature-controlled environments
(down to 0°C)


Has an 80% lower energy footprint
compared to traditional automated solutions


Autonomous and intelligent
(environment recognition, loading autonomy, real-time control)


Works 24/7
(the Skypods charge next to the picking stations, which avoids electrification of the storage racks)


Adapts to flow increase
The advantage of the Skypod system is to be able to adapt to flow variations. As storage needs and flows are independent, if flows increase, just add new robots to the system.


The right arm of robotic order picking

The Skypicker is an articulated arm able to move solid objects weighing up to 4.4lbs and with a minimum surface of 0.8 x 0.8 inches at a speed of 4.5mph. 

It allows for simultaneous preparation of four orders and transfer to the next station for order completion with manual picking or packing. 

The Skypicker is controlled by the Astar software in an enclosed and secure environment that guarantees the safety of the operators. Astar synchronizes the articulated arm with the robots operating in the warehouse and defines which bin to send to the picking station.



Optimal Order Prioritization

ASTAR is the conductor of the Skypod system. Its mission? Prepare orders as quickly as possible with a minimum of resources and synchronizing all robots to optimize performance. ASTAR manages the scheduling of activities and tracks and records the positions of containers and robots in real time. Without batches or waves, the most urgent orders can be prioritized in real time.

Reliable and speedy webservice

Our computer interfaces are based on the most advanced technologies for reliable and efficient order preparation. Our WCS ASTAR connects easily to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) for rapid deployment through a Webservices RESTful API.

High system availability

Our robots work together but are not dependent on each other to allow maximum system availability. In addition, with ASTAR, our supervision center can monitor remotely and in real time the system performance in your facilities. We can respond proactively and immediately to any anomaly reported by the fleet of robots.



Each station delivers a performance of more than 400 lines per hour. All stations are connected to the robots to guarantee the constant presence of bins and allow uninterrupted order picking.


Our goods-to-person solution prevents operators from walking several miles per day. The workstations are ergonomic and designed to reduce strain and fatigue. As the robots evolve in an enclosed and human-free environment, the risks associated with pedestrian traffic in the warehouse are reduced while improving site productivity.


Order Mover

Order transfer automation

Operator workstations can be equipped with an Order Mover. The Order Mover automates the supply and removal of the expedition boxes to the operators and allows the possibility to prepare 4 orders simultaneously. Productivity is increased by allowing the operators to focus on their picking activity.

How the Order Mover works

The operator places the items in the order picking bin. An intelligent light button system assists the operator by indicating in which bin the article is to be placed. As soon as the order is complete, the box is automatically evacuated from the order picking bay to the end of the line to be dispatched.

Bin Interface

Automated stock entry and removal

The Bin Interface automates the entry and removal of bins in the Skypod System and ensures a flow of 320 bins (with or without divisions, trays) per hour so that completed order can be stocked in the system until shipped.


The Bin Interface allows:

  • Order entry
  • Automated reception
  • Automated inbound and outbound processing of complete boxes of goods (BtoB)

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