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Logistics software to support your warehouse

Several software systems emerged to optimize warehouse operations, including Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) , and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS). These systems are designed to improve warehouse efficiency by collecting real-time data and can be customized to meet individual customer requirements.

system., in house- Software Engineering

The WCS Agilog, developed by our internal team of software engineers, is the beating heart of the automation solutions that allows you to control and optimize warehouse operations

  • Order management: Facilitates order flow from picking to shipping.
  • Reassortment: Monitors and manages the replenishment of Materials efficiently.
  • Automated picking: Maximizes picking efficiency.
  • Pick & Put to Light management: Guide operators in picking and packing operations.
  • Packaging and labeling station management: Optimize the packaging process.
  • Shipment management: Coordinate shipping activities for timely delivery.
  • Inventory management and quality control: Ensures accurate inventory management and material control.
  • Failover management: Ensures business continuity in case of technical problems.
  • Workload balancing: Assigns work fairly to operators.

Advantages of the WCS AGILOG


Highly flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of your warehouse.


Modular software with the possibility to select the necessary functionalities.


Several application modules can be easily integrated to handle larger workloads.


Customizable system to adapt perfectly to your logistics and production processes.

Logistics software for warehouse management


Warehouse Execution System

WES is the point of contact between the WMS and the Warehouse Control System (WCS). This warehouse management program focuses on managing operational activities in real time. By coordinating the picking, packing and shipping operations, WES ensures that everything takes place with maximum efficiency.


Warehouse Management System

The WMS is a software that guarantees access and visibility of the data on the entire inventory of the goods and manages the operations of fulfillment of the supply chain orders. The WMS integrates with the company’s ERP system, which manages the administrative part, and with any other software that manages the storage and automation activities.


Warehouse Control System

WCS is a software that coordinates the activities of the different operators and automation devices present in the warehouse.

Why choose Errevi Automation

Errevi Automation is synonymous with innovation and quality in the warehouse logistics automation sector
We offer tailor-made solutions to achieve your business objectives.