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Reduced collection times

Our automated miniload warehouses are designed to optimize your storage space and improve operational efficiency.

Miniload are characterized by high performance and speed with the goal of decreasing and optimize the sampling times and storage of the material to be handled, such as boxes, cassettes or trays.  Grippers can be customized according to the characteristics of the loading units and the handling modes.

This storage system applies the principle Goods-to-Person: an order preparation logic in which products are delivered directly to the operator via automated systems. With this method, operators receive the items needed to prepare the order directly at the pick-up stations, without the need to move from their location.

Titan, the multilevel shuttle that revolutionizes your warehouse


The advantages of the Titan solution





energy efficiency

Titan uses state-of-the-art power systems that guarantee energy savings and consumption optimization by reusing the energy generated by its movements.

flexibility and modularity

Depending on individual requirements, our Titan miniload can be adapted for handling and storing different types of loading units including boxes, trays and cartons.


The high level of technology of the solution allows for higher productivity.  Rail technology ensures high pick-up and storage speeds, applying the Goods-to-Person concept.

Why choose Errevi Automation

Errevi Automation is synonymous with innovation and quality in the warehouse logistics automation sector. We offer tailor-made solutions to achieve your business objectives.

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