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Pallet Shuttle

Maximum productivity with logistics automation

The Pallet Shuttle is a highly efficient storage system, designed to optimize the space inside the warehouses and Reduce the time it takes to handle goods on pallets.

Navistar, our Pallet Shuttle solution

Navistar is a multi-depth, shuttle and satellite pallet storage system. The mother shuttle runs on tracks perpendicular to the accumulation channels, positioning itself at the level of the warehouse where the pallet will be picked. The satellite picks up pallets in the accumulation channels. 

The shuttle is continuously powered, while the supercapacitor-equipped satellite automatically recharges when it returns to board.

The pallets are moved by elevators that move the machine between the various levels.


2000 kg

100 m/min.

Navistar, our Pallet Shuttle solution


Each shuttle is able to move on all levels of the warehouse. For each corridor and for each level, it is possible to move a shuttle. The number of shuttles can increase as flows change, combining them with existing ones.


The automatic multi-profondition storage systems supported by shuttles optimize the use of space, ensuring high storage density.


Navistar can be used in a wide range of applications, including in cold storage, with temperatures as low as -30°C.

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