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Stacker cranes for automatic warehouses

Optimize the management of your warehouse

Our Stacker cranes represent a key solution for storage-intensive warehouses,
optimizing the flow management of goods.

Stacker crane, the solution for high storage intensities

I Stackers are handling robots for automatic warehouses with high storage intensity that can be customized according to the load units to be handled such as coils, bodies, long bodies, slabs, pallets or other loading units with similar characteristics.

The transverse handling of the loading units is carried out by using a pair of telescopic forks that can operate in single, double or triple depth.

The advantages of stacker cranes


The stacker stackers allow to combine speed and precision during the picking and storage of pallets, reaching heights of shelves.

high density of storage

 Warehouses with stacker stackers are designed to store as much merchandise as possible.

maximum efficiency

Stacker cranes increase productivity, ensuring optimal space management within the warehouse.

Why choose Errevi Automation

Errevi Automation stands for innovation and quality in the field of logistics automation for the warehouse.
We offer customized solutions to achieve your business goals.