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PLC office

Automation software programming installed on board the programmable logic controller.


PLC office

The PLC software technical office is a constantly growing department in our company, currently made up of young people, but competent in several sectors.

Over time it has been able to adapt to any type of need the market requires, starting from ceramics up to logistics.

Programming languages

Our programmers, trained to develop projects with different types of languages: Siemens, Schneider, Beckhoff, Keb , Omron, Allen-Bradley, will be able to provide the customer with statistical data for the supervision of the production or consumption percentages, suitable for extraction on a database for import from any supervision.

The graphic interfaces (HMI) used are intuitive, simple, but complete and allow buyers to be independent already in the baby-sitting phases. Furthermore, thanks to the 24-hour after-sales support, our customers are never left alone. The staff reserved forsupport has a 360 ° training (software, hardware, mechanics) aimed at solving any problem in the shortest possible time. 

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