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Food & Beverage


Errevi for Food & Beverage industry

Warehouse logistics in Food & Beverage industry is in continuous development. Errevi’s solutions for the storage and distribution of Food & Beverage products facilitate the management difficulties that distinguish this industry.

We are committed to ensuring a quality service based on the highest storage systems, with the aim of maintaining the quality of the products.

Know how

Those who work in Food & Beverage know how important the phase of storage of products is. Precision and attention to detail become even more pressing needs in a warehouse where the labels to be inserted on the final product are stored. Not only are errors not allowed, but the labels themselves must be kept in excellent condition because they will be one of the key factors of the goods.

Speed and ease of picking

Reduction in errors

Improved traceability and inventory management

Why to choose us

  • Support for omnichannel orders in the same logistics center
  • Synchronization with existing WMS
  • Constant optimization of the warehouse
  • Fast and accurate picking process
  • Support in expanding the number of robots during peak times
  • Ad hoc solutions designed to ensure excellent standards of hygiene, minimization of costs and high levels of quality and safety
  • Services designed to ensure extreme efficiency and precision in the preparation, picking, handling, filling, handling and palletizing of containers

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