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Logistics warehouses

Warehouse logistics solutions for every business sector

We have aautomated warehouse logistics solutionspecific for each business sector , custom designed to automate your warehouse and increase productivity!


The warehouse management is a vital part of any business. An automated warehouse becomes an efficient and organized warehouse that can improve productivity, reduce costs and meet customer needs more quickly and effectively. To achieve these objectives, it is essential, therefore, to implement a logistics solution suitable for your sector that allows you to optimize the entire management process.

Food and Beverage

Errevi Automation guarantees agile and dynamic logistics for a rapidly evolving sector such as Food & Beverage. We do this thanks to our warehouse automation solutions.


Warehouse logistics in the pharma industry is in continuous development. Errevi’s solutions for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products facilitate the management difficulties that distinguish this industry.


The logistics of the machinery industry is increasingly characterized by a multi-commerce activity. The optimal storage is made possible by Errevi solutions.


The need to quickly ensure the availability of a product in large quantities and at any desired location has made logistics a crucial hub of the grocery industry.


Errevi Automation has gained the necessary experience to establish itself on the fashion storage market by proposing high performance solutions. 


Storage and handling of the finished product are crucial to gain a solid competitive advantage for companies in the ceramic industry.


Articles for the workplace, creativity, education. With our fully automated warehouses we manage the seasonal peaks of the stationery industry with logistics efficiency. 

We at Errevi, analyze the sector each company belongs to to offer you the logistics solution from stock automatic
winning for achieving your goals!


Use of refrigerated or room temperature areas for food storage and automatically prepared orders for delivery or curbside pickup


Fast order preparation and delivery for both B2B and B2C channels. Management of seasonal peaks and of orders for e-commerce


Efficient inventory tracking and storage,
optim management of returns, flexible and scalable solutions to support multiple sales channels


Accuracy and speed of fulfillment to meet the needs for fast delivery times and high productivity, use of temperature-controlled warehouses


Accurate traceability of orders throughout the logistics process, handling of slabs and large-sized ceramic materials

Manufacturing industry

Need for flexibility, accessibility and immediate availability of all the components required by the assembly processes

Home & Personal care

Automated logistics solutions that are flexible and adaptable to the trends of the cosmetics market, managing products equipped with explosive charges in total safety

Tell us your project and together we will find the best logistical solution for your sector!